Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Dahab and the Red Sea

Greetings All,
After Jordan, I decided to head south, so I took a ferry to the Sinai Penninsula and ended up in Dahab Egypt. This spot has some of the best shore diving and snorkeling in the world, with deep reefs within 10 meters of shore.
Dahab is a very laid back town about an hour north of Sharm El Sheike. Sharm is an upper end vacation spot at the south end of the Gulf of Aqaba. Dahab is about midway up the Gulf and has warm clear water. It looks like the government tried to make it upscale like Sharm but failed. The concrete walk along the water has rusting streetlights and half-finished improvements, but there is a certain hippy-like charm here.
The corals are not as brilliant as some other places, but there are lots of fish, sea snakes, clear water and great snorkelling. I even went out one night with the owner of a small restaurant and searched the reef for lobster for a couple of hours. No luck on the lobsters but great sights.
I had planned to stop in Dahab for a day or two and ended up staying for six days. Rooms are cheap and food is not bad. Snorkeling and swimming are right at the doorstep to town. But after nearly a week I felt myself flowing into the boardwalk like silly putty left out too long and pryed myself loose to continue my journey. Hope you enjoy the underwater photos. I used a fairly cheap Olympus to snap them while snorkelling.