Monday, May 4, 2009

San Pedro de Atacama and Valparaiso

After a grueling 24 hour bus ride (even on the nice bus you see in the photo, I have left San Pedro de Atacama and arrived in Valparaiso. San Pedro is a cool little town that revolves around tourists. Still, it does have a certain character - quiet, warm and laid back. The photo of the dog in the street is very typical of San Pedro. I hated to leave, but there is so much to see in this world.
Valparaiso is a unique place. A bit San Francisco and a bit Italy, with a decided bohemian focus. This quirky city is colorful, artsy, and historic. A Unesco world heritage site, it has some interesting walks and rides. I have added a picture of one of the elevators found around this hillside city. The elevators take you up or down the steep slopes for 100 pesos (580 pesos = $1.)
I will explore more tomorrow and take more photos.
Take Care,