Saturday, September 19, 2009

Diving in Thailand

I did a bunch of dives around Kho Tao and found it to be one of my favorite underwater spots. The water here was as warm and clear as anywhere I have been except maybe Dahab. Lots of life too. I only had the camera for one dive, so you can imagine the diversity of things to see.

Cephalopods are so cool!

Did you see the fish in the picture? She is poisonous.

Here is a closer look. It is a stone fish.

I thought the Christmas Tree worms were pretty.

Not a place to put your hand. These urchins were not only colorful, with what looks like an eye, but they also move pretty fast, at least for an urchin.

More worms.

A pretty urchin.

Lots of long tenicle anemones and great visibility.

Cool coral.

See the "eye" in the middle?

Happy to be under water.