Saturday, September 19, 2009

The Islands of Thailand

Hi All,

I have now returned to Seattle. It is hard to be back after such a wonderful mind-expanding trip, but now it is time to start school and work. My mind and heart are still travelling, so I expect it will take a while to settle down. I will post three or four final posts today or tomorrow to close out this trip. Maybe I will put together one final entry. Thanks for following my blog.

This entry has photos of my trip to the islands of the East side of Thailand - Khos Samui, Phan gan and Tao. I spent a little over a week among these islands and absolutely loved it. Warm water, nice beaches and a laid-back atmosphere was perfect for this stage of the trip. I came here after trekking in the Chaing Mai area. This was my last major stop in Thailand.

I took an advanced dive course on Kho Tao and also stayed in a lovely bungalow on Aow Leuk Bay and went snorkelling and swimming often. I will post some underwater photos in my next entry. Hope you enjoy the photos.

Beautiful sunsets were the rule in the islands of Thailand.

A cute couple of geckos.

Quaint pier on mainland.

Sairee Beach on Kho Tao - the main beach.

My feet enjoyed the beach once again.

A girl on our scuba boat preparing some cuttlefish for the grill. Great with red pepper sauce.

A local gas station for scooters. Translates to about $6 per gallon.

Some of the variety of fruit at the local juice stand.

Perparing for one of the many barbeques on Sairee Beach.

Once again, my feet have a great view.

My favorite beach of the whole trip - at the south end of Kho Tao - Aow Leuk Bay. Lots of baby black tip sharks to visit in the shallows, nice bungalows and a very relaxed atmosphere. I would go back in a heartbeat.

The end of another great day on the islands of Thailand.