Saturday, June 20, 2009


It is going to take at least two postings to put up the photos of Santorini. The island is so beautiful, that I hesitated taking pictures. It just seems so easy and yet difficult to really do it justice. I loved swimming in the sea here. The water was about 75 and crystal clear. I felt I could swim forever and went for three long swims per day. The photo of me with the red cliff in the background is Red Beach, where I went every day. The water was so clear and the most beautiful color that I would stop and stare while swimming. I will miss it.
The photo with the bouganvillas is the villa room I stayed in. The penthouse room for 20e per night was a splurge, but worth it.
The greek churches like the one pictured are incredible inside, especially the one in Oia.
I found out first had about the fiery tempor of the greeks. For the two full days I spent on the island I rented a scooter and rode everywhere. In Fira, the capital, I rode up a one way street (guess which direction.) You have to understand that I have been watching scooter and moped riders in Morocco and have come to believe that there is no such thing as traffic rules except "do not crash", which, obviously from my experience in Barcelona, I forget sometimes. Back to Fira - seems my one way, wrong way driving almost caused a truck driver to crash. He honked and yelled at me and I rode off. Apparently he had not got enough of me as he turned his rig around ( no small feat in these streets) and chased me down. He was yelling at me in Greek and I just looked at him and said "no intiende", still thinking I was in Spain or South America. He was just getting ready to decend from his truck to kick my ass when he jestured behind him and drove off. I merrily went on my way to discover that his jesture was in reference to the motorcycle cop behind him. That come gave me another ration of crap in Greek to which I smiled and replied "In English?" So I got to hear it all again in loud broken English. Finally, frustrated that he did not seem to be flustering me enough he asked what I thought he should do about my transgressions and I just said I am sorry. He yelled and drove off, saying he would be watching for me.
By the way, I did not have one of the lobsters in the tank, but they did make a nice photo.