Sunday, June 14, 2009

Where is Craig Now?

It was man verses wild (motorcycle that is.) I guess I am no Bear Grylls because the motorcycle won. It was in the streets of Barcelona in the early morning and I was just stepping out between parked cars when it came at me very fast. I did not know it was there until I was in the air, landing among the parked cars and bouncing back into the street, where I lay unconscious for a moment. Once I awoke, I tried to stumble out of the street but only made it a couple of steps. I again regained some composure and made it with help to a chair at the outside cafe where I passed out again and had the most wonderful dream - all light and warm and inviting with soft sounds and voices.

I got a ride to the hospital by ambulance, some stitches on my face and back of my head, some radiation, blood and piss tests, and a few bandages. The real scare came when I got dressed to leave and passed out again. On to the CT scan where my doctor looked with consertantion at the scans. Seems he saw something that gave him pause. Next the neurosurgeons looked over the scans and examined me. And here is the best part, despite what some of you might think, they proclaimed that there was nothing wrong with my head and cleared me to go. My favorite words came from my doctor - "You are free to continue on with your trip, - I am jealous." Even better news came from accounting, it seems that since I was the one hit, I did not have to pay a penny.

So now, over two weeks later as I write this from Athens, I am mostly healed except for some numbness on my right hip, side and bum and a sore shoulder joint. Could be much worse. On with the trip!