Sunday, June 14, 2009

Tapas, Flamenco and Jamon - Spanish Flavors

While Spain does not quite fit the mold of places I am going this trip (I am leaning toward developing or undeveloped countries), it was a wonderful couple of weeks traveling around Madrid, Barcelona, the interior and costas, and Granada.

Madrid, with its over the top architecture was so much more inviting than I expected. The little bars and restaurants in and around the city center were great places for tapas, sangria, paella and beer. The Museo de Jamon (a cafe with legs of Spanish ham all around it) every morning for cafe con leche was a treat. Madrid is a very accessible city with a great subway, wonderful museum (the prado) and inviting parks.

Spain has some of the best classical guitar makers in the world, so I could not pass up buying a beautiful guitar in Barcelona. Now I just need to learn to play it.

The Alhambra in Granada is a beautiful place to spend the day. Granada also has gypsy cave homes and wonderful flamenco music. The town is an interesting mix of muslem, gypsy and christian cultures and architecture.

From Spain it was back to Morocco to explore the southern part of the country and get out to the mountains and desert.